President Obama; Renewed False Promises?

November 8, 2011

President Obama,

I worked hard for you in the last presidential election. I was one of the top five callers in your Texas Phone Bank for the 2008 Democratic Primary in Texas. Your book and speeches were inspirational. Here was a voice that wanted donations from the poor, huddled masses in order to take on the lobbyists, corporations, banks, and Wall Street. As a teacher, I was excited and could hardly believe that  there was a man in politics ready and willing to change education.

Three years later and little has changed. As Yogi Berra would say, ” It feels like deja vu all over again.” Or more  like George Bush all over again. The lobbyists are stronger than before. The banks, corporations, and Wall Street are as greedy as ever and have no ethics or morals in the pursuit of higher profits.

Schools and education are worst off under your administration. The NCLB of George Bush was continued. Arne Duncan and RTTT have been national disasters. On your watch, public schools have become bigger whipping boys for the nation’s problems. Worse of all, your solutions for public education come from the elitist and snob point of view, of a rich, private school graduate. The solutions offered by your administration has had little to no input from the people in public education. There is no way you would have championed your current education solutions if you had listened to public school teachers and administrators. Perhaps, the reason you did not listen is you only paid attention to the big money behind the solutions of Charter Schools, privatization, vouchers, testing, etc.

Now an election is nearing. I get messages that you want my support and money. You have rediscovered the common man.  You are speaking for and listening to the poor huddled masses.   Really!?!? Where have you been these past few years?  This sounds like deju vu all over again.

President Obama have you had an epiphany or are these more false promises?


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