George currently lives in Humble, TX. He is a former inner-city teacher and swim coach for the Houston Independent School District. He was the chairman of the School Discipline Committee of the Shared Decision Making Committee of a tough, low-performing inner-city high schools.

The ideas, messages and concepts of this blog are a product of those experiences. A discipline plan was created that is quick, effective and efficient in transforming tough, low-performing schools into safe, high-performing schools.

This blog is being created to start the process of making American schools the highest performing and safest schools in the world.


2 Responses to “About George”

  1. Stephen Unwin said

    Here’s my blog George. Have you ever tried instilling discipline from the ground up. I mean have you ever tried a system of “disciples,” badly disciplined students who have reformed and are now the new role models in the hallways and classrooms to get other students self-disciplined?

    • Steve, the discipline proccess creats “disciples”. Each student in the school is affected by the process. The internal thinking process and value system of every student is challenged, questioned, and evaluated. After the student experieces the process several times they often use the proccess on other students.

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