Dear President Obama, You will not become the education president of the Twenty-First Century by pursuing education excellence with your Race To The Top education plan. In Texas, We have had decades of competing in these race to the top type reform programs. Tags, Taas, Teks, etc. offer the same carrot or stick approaches and philosophies of education. Anyone that would use testing and test results as final indicators of success or worth have not fought the battle in our inner-city schools or poor school districts. The developers of these education programs went to Ivy League colleges, Private Schools, or very rich public schools. They see success only in terms of the model schools and education programs they grew up with. Only when one has grown up with these Silver Spoon Schools, as their educational base, would these test based plans become the central focus on student, teacher, administrator, and school success. Growing up with the highest test scores narrows one’s perception of school problems and solutions.

How much input did inner-city communities have in developing or implementing the Race to The Top Program? Are the real problems faced by students, teachers, and administrators being corrected by testing to determine success? Are the safety and discipline in the school issues being corrected, by this race for high test scores? Will the emotional and mental stability of students improve and thrive in this high stakes Race TO The Top Testing?

What will be the results of this Race To The Top Program? First, great successes will be claimed, much like the great successes of No Child Left Behind. Everyone will pat each others Ivy League backs, and proclaim, “We have turned the corner on our education problems.” Next, huge scandals in the areas of cheating on tests or fudging the statistics of test results will occur. Scandals happen when money is tied to high test scores. Finally, there will be winners and losers, but the education system is little changed. When the education system is little changed, Race To The Top has triggers in the plan to accelerate the push to Charter Schools and the privatization of Public Schools. Was this the plan all along?

President Obama do you really want to fix our schools and the educational problems in America? If you want to solve our education problems, you must fix the discipline problem in our schools. When you fix the discipline problem, communities will come together to solve other problems. Fix the discipline problem and America is halfway there to solving any other school or educational problem.

President Obama, this could be your lucky day. There is a school discipline plan that can bring discipline back to all of our schools. If you divert 25 million dollars into this school discipline plan, American schools will be safe, highly productive and successful, within one year. Perhaps, you could allow me to keep one or two million dollars, it would be nice to be a millionaire. Better yet, could I keep 1% of the money, that this discipline plan will save our schools. Billions of dollars now wasted by schools with current discipline systems can be saved. It would be even better to be a multibillionaire!!

A huge amount of the school budget problem can be solved with good discipline in our schools. All other school problems are on the road to being solved when the discipline problem is fixed.

President Obama follow your “Race To The Top” program and you will be another George Bush, “No Child Left Behind”, type of president. Adopt and use a discipline plan that works, and you are on your way to becoming, the educational president of the twenty-first century.